Navarro participated at APEC Policy Dialogue


Associate Faculty Juan Navarro was honoured to have been the keynote speaker for the APEC Policy Dialogue on Competition Policy held virtually on September 16-17. Its objective was to examine the value of including high-quality and comprehensive competition related rules in Free Trade Agreements that ensure a competitive business climate by providing a predictable and supportive environment for business and investment. During his keynote Navarro presented some of the main challenges and obstacles that competition policy faces in the context of trade accords but also some of the remedies to overcome these and move forward in the solutions.

Navarro pointed out that in the context of the COVID-19 crisis, it is worthwhile asking some questions about the strategic value that competition policy could represent economically and socially; for example, what role can competition policy play in order to assist us in overcoming this crisis? How can competition policy be utilized to build resilience in our economies? Navarro recommended working together in answering these questions in order to support a better business community to navigate successfully through these turbulent times and set the foundation for a solid recovery in the future. This Policy Dialogue was attended by APEC authorities, business leaders, academics and experts from the 21 economies that compose this international organization.

Additionally, Navarro participated in other panel discussions as part of the Policy Dialogue where he was joined by distinguished academics from Sophia University, Kobe University and Gakushuin University; and by international experts and officials from organizations such as the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR), Vietnam Competition Council, the Canada Competition Bureau, the Philippine Competition Commission and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Japan. In these panels, Navarro explained how competition-related provisions could contribute not only to promote fair competition, and ensure equal treatment among business stakeholders, but also to ensure inclusiveness and equal opportunity for small and medium enterprises and underrepresented groups such as women and young entrepreneurs.

APEC is the premier Asia-Pacific economic forum whose primary goal is to support sustainable economic growth and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region.