New article from Prof. Ann Dale

Jean Macgregor
Prof. Ann Dale

In a new article published by Alternatives Journal (A/J), School of Environment and Sustainability Prof. Ann Dale points to the ways institutional structures inherited from the past work against environmental policy development in Canada.

In Prioritizing Policy: Protecting nature by ensuring that the law is for the land, Dale says, “We live in turbulent times, characterized by ‘wicked’ problems. What makes our environment and modern problems so wicked? They are beyond the capacity of any one sector or discipline to research, understand and resolve. Their solutions must emerge from diverse social actors that are convened in forums deliberately designed to cross sectors and organizations, bridge stovepipes and silos.”

Solutions require novel forms of collaboration and unprecedented cooperation between sectors and with civil society, says Dale. “Existing government structures cannot deal with modern, urgent challenges such as climate change adaptation and mitigation, or large-scale biodiversity loss.”

Dale is a member of Sustainable Canada Dialogues/Dialogues pour un Canada vert, (SCD) a network of over 70 Canadian scholars from across the country working to advance sustainability education, research and dialogue in the face of global environmental change.

Publication of this issue of A/J coincides with the release of a major national report by Sustainable Canada Dialogues scholars calling for a national program for pricing carbon, among other recommendations to trigger climate action.

Read Dale’s article here and about Sustainable Canada Dialogue’s work here.

Download SCD's Acting on Climate Change: Solutions from Canadian Scholars here.