A new Australian record


Life Off Grid, produced by School of Communication and Culture Professor Phillip Vannini and MAIIC alumnus Jonathan Taggart is turning to be big... in Australia.

Thanks to TUGG--an alternative distribution system pushing back the Hollywood-controlled grip over movie theatres--the film has already been screened (and has regularly sold out) a dozen times throughout Australia's major cities. Melbourne and Sydney in particular, seem to have fallen in love with the  "doco" (Aussie slang for documentary). Melbourne theatres have already screened the film three times and this past weekend Sydney, which until now had waited patiently for its turn, came out en masse. 637 tickets, a new record for a TUGG documentary screening, were sold for the June 5 show at Event Cinemas in Australia's biggest city.   

This may seem surprising at first, but it all makes sense if you think about the geographical, social, political, and cultural similarities between Canada--where the movie was filmed--and the sunburnt country downunder. Making the reception of the film even stronger Eartship Australia and Fighting Chance Films have informally partnered in bringing the film to Australian audiences who can now watch in theatres, iTunes, and even Stan--Australia's own Netflix.

Who'd have thunk it that a couple of Canucks would turn Aussies on to the power of the sun?!?!