New book by Alice MacGillivray

Photo of author riding her Norwegian Fjord. Photo Credit: Brandi Meyer.

At first, Riding Horseback in Purple may seem to be a departure from RRU associate faculty member Alice MacGillivray’s academic publications. It is written primarily for adult women considering horse ownership. Industry professionals have commented that it fills an important niche because adult female horse owners are now typical horse owners in Canada. However, many people purchase horses without the knowledge, reflection and confidence needed to find the right horse for this stage of their lives. 

The first section of the book is very practical, and walks readers through preparatory steps, interspersed with stories. The second section provides glimpses of Alice’s academic interests in leadership, learning and social media. View the ToC here. She mentions several recent leadership theories and cites scholars including biologist Rupert Sheldrake and feminist Donna Haraway. Alice emphasizes the power of onging, just-in-time, informal learning through communities of practice. Breeders, trainers and rescue facility managers have all given the book good reviews. One back-cover review is from Professor of Neurosurgery and author of Zen Horse, Zen Mind: Allan J. Hamilton.

The book was published this week and is gradually showing up in e-book and paperback listings around the world. For more detail, click here.