New composting program at RRU


At present, more than half of all waste collected at RRU is actually food waste and compostable materials.

To address this challenge and building on the success of the paper towel collection program, RRU is repurposing the washroom paper towel bins to accept food waste and other compostable materials beginning August 5th.

Compostable materials are derived from organic materials like corn or wood fibers and so will decompose naturally. So you might be asking yourself, “Why should I separate compostables if it’s going to breakdown anyways?”

First, it reduces the amount of waste that enters the landfill. More waste entering the landfill means that we need to build more landfill facilities. We live on an island and space for extra landfill facilities is something that we don’t have.

Second, organic material in the landfill can actually harm the environment. In the landfill, compostable materials are mixed with all of the other waste. Air cannot reach them and so methane is produced as these compostable materials break down. Methane is a harmful greenhouse gas; in fact, it’s 21 times more harmful that CO2 to the environment. If that wasn’t bad enough organics in the landfill can react with metals, potentially polluting our groundwater.

So have a look for these new stickers in a washroom near you when you need to dispose of your compostable materials and help do your part to separate compostables and reduce waste.