New faces in Media Support Services

Picture of Trevor, Kees, and Russ

CTET is pleased to announce some recent additions to the Media Support Services team. Here is a quick snapshot of our new line up. 

Trevor Henry, Media Technician

Trevor Henry has joined the production team on a part-time basis as a Media Technician. Trevor is a creative problem solver and jack-of-all-trades with a background in broadcast television production. He has worked for Smithsonian Channel, National Geographic, and PBS in a variety of roles including editor, cinematographer, location sound recordist, workflow designer, and technology director. Trevor’s experience will come in handy as he supports all levels of photography and videography production, which includes consultation, recording, production, processing, and post-production.

Kees Dekker, Audio Visual Technician

Kees Dekker became part of the RRU community last year and has recently joined us on a full-time basis as an Audio Visual Technician. With over 20 years in the professional audio field, Kees has served as recording engineer, studio owner, live sound technician, and music producer. Kees has credentials in Audio Engineering and interned at the National Film Board of Canada. Kees enjoys composing music and continues to record his own material and others’. He enjoys performing music and collecting musical instruments. You will often see him providing technical service and support for the daily operations of presentation technologies in all learning spaces on campus.

Russ Cheney, Audio Visual Technician

Russ Cheney is the latest addition to the Media Support Services team and joins us as a casual Audio Visual Technician. Russ is responsible for technical service and support of presentation technology in all learning spaces to internal and external clients for various events occurring afterhours and weekends. Russ held a similar position within the University of Calgary prior to joining us at RRU. Russ studied Media Art & Digital Technologies from the Alberta College of Art + Design, and also received credentials from the Contemporary Music Program at Selkirk College. He remains active in various new media projects, while spending most of his time composing music for film/games and playing guitar.

Brian MacDonald, Media Technician

We would also like to share an update on Brian MacDonald, who was hired to replace Dave Adams as the full time Media Technician. Brian will continue to provide professional media deliverables and to share his expertise and talent with us in various multi-media projects including photo and video recording and production. Brian has been producing videos since the early 90's and providing audio visual support for live events since 2000. His independent video projects have received awards and been presented at film festivals and art galleries internationally. In his spare time he continues to create video projects and is a frequent member of the programming committee for the Victoria Film Festival.

Please join us in welcoming Trevor, Kees, Russ, and Brian to the RRU community.

Pictured from left to right are Trevor Henry, Kees Dekker, and Russ Cheney.