New manager Learning Technologies in CTET

Darrell Pettyjohn

We are pleased to announce that Darrell Pettyjohn, director IT Services, is coming in from Cedar, crossing the forest and joining CTET as the new manager Learning Technologies.

Darrell is keen to "get close to the action" in helping our faculty community get the tools and support they need to deliver great learning. Darrell obviously knows the ins-and-outs of IT Services, since this has been his "home" for as long as RRU has been around! Darrell's strong IT background will be a great advantage to CTET. The "plan forward" will be to further stabilize CTET teams to better support the important evolution of educational technology.

The CTET people who will directly report to Darrell include Gary Wilson, Jeff Savage, Cathy Pretorius, Jason Keddie, and Daniel Nelson.

A recruitment process to find a new director of IT Services will initiate very soon. Darrell's transition into CTET will happen over the next month, and will be based on making sure both IT Services and CTET maintain stability.

We warmly welcome Darrell Pettyjohn to CTET.