New Manulife dental card in effect


Reminder – Please use your New Manulife dental card starting January 1, 2015

Last month you received a letter with your new Manulife benefit card for the Dental portion of your RRU benefits package.  This new card is being issued to you with a new Dental policy number due to an administrative change in the policy agreement between RRU and our benefits provider, Manulife Financial.  There is no change to your Manulife Dental coverage or any other benefit coverage within your RRU benefits package as a result of the administrative change. 

Here’s what you need to do with your new Manulife Dental benefit card:

  1. Provide the new policy number listed on your new Manulife Dental benefit card to your dental office(s) and advise them that it is effective January 1, 2015
  2. Keep this new Manulife Dental benefit card with your existing Manulife Financial benefits card; you now need both cards.  The new card states the policy number specifically for Dental only and the other states the policy number which remains active for all other Manulife benefits.

Questions?  Please contact Jeannie Drew at ext. 4385 or