New outdoor recycling units!

New outdoor recycling units!

Two new multi-stream recycling units with dedicated streams for compost, recyclables and refundables have been placed on campus with the goal of diverting more of the garbage from the landfill. The new units follow the same branding that is in place in the Grant Building and Recreation Centre, and what is proposed for the rest of campus (i.e., green for compost, teal for recyclables and orange for refundables).

The outdoor waste bins have been identified as one of the largest sources of cross contamination on campus due to the lack of sorting options as the outdoor waste bin system consists primarily of bins designated as garbage only. The 2016 Waste Audit determined the overall waste diversion rate for the outdoor waste bin system was only 8%. During the audit, a total of 67 kg of waste from the outdoor sorting bins was analyzed, with garbage accounting for approximately 92% of the waste analyzed. This is compared to the indoor stream, where garbage only accounted for approximately 31% of the waste analyzed, indicating improvements could be made to divert more waste from the landfill.

One of the improvements is upgrading the existing outdoor waste bin system with these new units to provide users the opportunity to sort their waste at the time of disposal. The new recycling units are expected to improve the university’s overall waste diversion and get us one step closer to 80% waste diversion by 2020.

Remember, recycling and composting takes little effort on your part. Whether it's food scraps, bottles, cans or plastic, recycle or compost them all, it’s fantastic!