New outdoor recycling units

New outdoor recycling units

More of the multi-stream outdoor recycling units have been placed around campus with the goal of improving the university’s waste diversion rate. These new units provide users the opportunity to sort their waste at the time of disposal and are expected to improve the university’s overall waste diversion and get the university one step closer to 80% waste diversion by 2020.

The new units have been outfitted with new recycling branding. Gone are the icons and words, in its place are pictures of items that go in each waste stream. Results from the 2016 Waste Audit and orientation activities with incoming students revealed that the current branding (icons and words) led to confusion and uncertainty with respect to waste disposal. The goal of the new branding is to make it as easy as possible for people to place items in the right stream. The new recycling graphics will be implemented in the LIC and Grant buildings in the coming months.

Remember, recycling and composting takes little effort on your part. Help Royal Roads achieve 80% waste diversion by disposing your waste in the appropriate stream. Whether its food scraps, bottles, cans or plastics…recycle or compost them all, it’s fantastic!