New publication from Ken Christie

RRU Staff

Congratulations to School of Humanitarian Studies Prof. Ken Christie, who authored a chapter in The Global Hillary: Women's Political Leadership in Cultural Contexts, published this month by Routledge.

From the publisher:

Is there a linkage between "smart power" and Hillary Clinton's leadership style? Can she advance American leadership and women's development worldwide? The Global Hillary addresses these questions and many others. Bringing together two key aspects of Clinton’s ongoing career—her advocacy for international women’s rights and the mission to foster democratic development around the world—The Global Hillary critically analyzes Clinton’s role as a transformative leader of global influence. Essays in this collection provide insight into Clinton’s leadership style, particularly her use of American "smart power" in foreign policy, while examining her impact on the continuing worldwide struggle for women’s rights. Using international perspectives on the historical and cultural contexts of Clinton’s leadership, this book also looks toward the future of women’s political leadership in the 21st century with special attention to the prospect of electing a woman to the United States presidency.

Here is an excerpt from Christie’s chapter, Soft Power and US Foreign Policy in Middle East:

This chapter sets out to achieve three things. The main objective is to assess US foreign policy and identity in relation to Hilary Clinton’s role and in particular how and why she is perceived by the Arab world following the Arab Spring and the controversial intervention in Libya and the Benghazi incident. The next step is to see how she is perceived on the larger world stage and what her foreign policy doctrine is, and lastly it will assess the challenges and prospects of US foreign policy and its identity following her role. Hilary Clinton is first and foremost a fairly controversial politician in US politics and the answers to these kinds of questions are fairly complex and not always straightforward, particularly so because she is tied in with the Obama administration in its first term.