New publications by MALAT program head

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It is easy to find academic journals related to one's interests as a Royal Roads faculty member. And it is easy to find trade publications, which sometimes encourage seemingly simple step-by-step routes to success. But where can we publish in the rich scholar-practitioner landscape between the two?

One option is with the ARK group. They publish expert reports in the areas of information and knowledge management, legal and professional services, and government and public sector.

In the past few months, ARK group editors approached Alice MacGillivray to submit papers for upcoming issues on leadership and culture in the information and knowledge management stream. These resulted in two papers: entitled "Modern Knowledge Leadership on the Edge" and "Cultural Context: a Complex Whole," which looks at indicators to guide knowledge and learning strategies in organizations. To see the papers, go to the Writing and Publications section of Alice's website.

The ARK group is well-established and worth considering as an international venue for your work.

Photo credit: tonystl /Creative Commons lisense