New in Showcase: Fight Financial Crime

Fight against financial crime

The Royal Roads Library Showcase is pleased to host Dr. Mark Lokanan's digital exhibit, Fight Against Financial Crime.

The site features Dr. Lokanan's research over the last decade focusing on connecting accounting and criminology, and securities fraud and money laundering in the BC real estate sector. The site also features interactive and multimedia elements to introduce visitors to the concepts of financial crime and investment fraud.  Dr. Lokanan and his research team hope to inform people, many of whom are vulnerable to fraud, about ways to protect themselves and their investments. His team also strives to holistically safeguard the interests of the investors in Canada and around the world by conceptualizing hidden patterns in financial offences using their expertise in data analytics. 

The exhibit is available online at For more information about Dr. Lokanan's research, please contact him here.

If you have research you’d like to promote through Showcase, please contact Devina Dandar, Librarian, Scholarly Communication.