New ticket tracking system in IT Services

New ticket tracking system in IT Services

Over the last three months, IT Services has been implementing a new system to record requests for service. This ticket tracking system is called JIRA Service Desk.

In the coming days/weeks, this change will be visible to you in two ways:

  1. The Get Help online form will change (Wednesday, June 15)
  2. Email messages from us will look very different (in a few days/weeks)

The online form

We’ll ask you to submit your tickets via the online form available from the  button on the Computer Services website whenever possible versus calling or emailing. There are several reasons for this:

  • The online form enters the ticket directly into the system, saving us the time required to copy and paste content from email (effective Wednesday, June 15)
  • The system provides us a means to communicate directly with you on the matter and your responses are recorded in the system immediately, again, cutting out the need for us to copy and paste (will be implemented after Wednesday, June 15)
  • Not spending time copying and pasting frees us up to solve problems instead of documenting them (will be implemented after Wednesday, June 15)

The online form looks like this:

You will need to log in before submitting a ticket – that’s how the system knows who we need to correspond with.  Not all the fields will be relevant but you are encouraged to be as complete as possible with the information you provide. This also helps us solve problems more quickly.

Messages you receive from the system (after Wednesday, June 15)

You will receive a message each time there’s activity in the ticket including:

  1. when a ticket is created
  2. when the status changes and
  3. any time that we communicate with you through the system

Messages are system generated and look like this:

Notice that my name is in the header along with and notice that the subject contains “[JIRA] [RRU Helpdesk” and has a ticket number at the end. Please recognize this as legitimate email and not a phishing attempt or spam.

If we comment on a ticket, you’ll receive a message that looks like this:

You can see that we are asking for more information.  Just hit ‘reply’ on the email message…

There may be "too many" messages at first – we’re sorry about that.  We will be able to reduce the quantity in a few weeks so will ask you to be patient until then.  These messages might get a bit long, depending on the issue and how much back-and-forth there is, but as with an email thread, you just really need to focus on the most recent entry (which would be our last message to you). 

How can you help us realize the efficiencies we hope to gain by implementing this system?

  1. Use the  button (linked to to access and complete the online form whenever possible when requesting service (starting tomorrow)
  2. Reply to the email you receive from the system to communicate with us regarding the ticket (in a few days/weeks)
  3. Either use the form or phone/email us for advice/direction vs. requesting a specific service (in a few days/weeks)

This is a shift in how we’ve done things and it will take some time for everyone to change their current practices.  We appreciate your support in this endeavor.  We’re looking forward to spending more time helping and fixing versus copying, pasting and typing!

Thank you,
Cecelia for IT Services