New water refill stations installed on campus

New water refill stations installed on campus

Did you know that a million plastic bottles are purchased per minute? That amounts to roughly 500 billion plastic bottles being sold around the world a year. And of all those plastic bottles purchased, over 90% is not recycled!

To help Royal Roads reduce its plastic bottle consumption and the environmental impacts associated with plastic bottles; and to provide a healthy and clean water source for the Royal Roads community, new water re-fill stations have been installed on campus. These re-fill stations make filling a reusable water bottle more practical as these units offer a continuous supply of water that cools and filters water, and allows one to fill up their reusable water bottle again and again. The new re-fill stations have been installed in the LIC Building (3 of them) and another one on the third floor of the Grant Building.

Here are five reasons to consider using re-fill stations over single-use plastic water bottles:

  1. We have access to clean, fresh and safe water.
  2. Most bottles are not recycled and end up in the landfill, or worse, the ocean. Approximately 136,000 plastic bottles have been diverted from the landfill as a result of Royal Roads’ installation of the re-fill stations on campus. Reducing the number of plastic bottles entering the waste stream can improve Royal Roads' waste diversion goals.
  3. It is the healthier choice. Some plastic bottles are made from BPA, a chemical used to make plastic, which has been shown to have harmful effects on human health.
  4. It is the cheaper alternative, saving the university and individuals hundreds of dollars a year in purchasing plastic water bottles.
  5. Bottled water increases consumption of fossil fuels. Burning and processing of crude oil to make plastic bottles leads to an increase in CO2 emissions which can have a negative impact on the earth’s climate.

Re-fill stations can be found in the Nixon Building, Building 7B, Library, Recreation Centre and now the LIC Building and the Grant Building. Please take advantage of these re-fill stations by ditching your disposable bottles and going reusable. Thank you!