No Peace for the Wickets takes the cup


Adrenalin was high on the pitch for the 11th Annual President’s Croquet Tournament Thursday with defending champs No Peace for the Wickets (Communications and Advancement/Campus Services) prevailing in a nail-biting overtime final match against the Bangers and Smash (executive team).

When I initiated this tournament, I never imagined it would take the executive team 11 years to make it to the finals. Despite the significantly improved skills, strength and talents of two particular vice-presidents, the Communications and Advancement team (with teammates from Campus Services) took the cup for the third year running.

Thanks to everyone for great sportsmanship and good humour, everyone. Thanks for playing!

Final match:
No Peace for the Wickets (Communications & Advancement/Campus Services) 48 points
Bangers and Smash (Executive) 44 points

CroKraken (Library) vs. Bangers and Smash (Executive)
Rocking a Mallet (Admissions) vs. No Peace for the Wickets (Communications & Advancement)

Participating teams:

  • The Pedagogicals (CTET)
  • CroKraken (Library)
  • The Wicked Wickets (HR)
  • Sums of Anarchy (Office of Finance)
  • SoL Mates (School of Leadership)
  • Bangers and Smash (Executive)
  • Fancy Feast (Student Services)
  • SHS All Stars (School of Humanitarian Studies)
  • Rocking a Mallet (Admissions)
  • No peace for the wickets (Communications and Advancement/Campus Services)
  • PCS Ball Breakers (Professional and Continuing Studies)
  • FoM – Force of Mallets (Faculty of Management)