October is Cyber Security Awareness Month


by Don Devenney, CD GCWN

Most of us recognise that there are risks associated with the Internet and yet we still use it on a daily basis. And that’s a good thing – the Internet has such great potential for being a positive force in our lives that it would be a shame to not use it. That said, we can’t completely ignore the risks either.  Risky habits such as opening email from an unknown source, sharing passwords or not updating software can result in unpleasant consequences.

October is “Cyber Security Awareness Month” in Canada and many other countries around the world. During October, we’re asking people to take a moment and consider what they do on-line and to review their on-line safety practices.  By working and playing on-line in a safe manner you’ll be helping to make the cyber world safer and more secure for everyone while taking positive steps toward safeguarding your own personal information. 

Don’t worry….we’re not asking you to undertake this task on your own.  Each issue of Crossroads this month includes an article on a particular cyber safety topic.  This month we start with some of the basics – check out the following:

Public Safety Canada’s Tips and Resources

SANS Institute’s Five Steps to Staying Secure

Royal Roads IT Services are always available if you have questions or concerns. Check out our website for information on a wide variety of computer-related topics.

Don Devenney is a member of the Server, Networks and Telecom Infrastructures team at Royal Roads University and is a GIAC Certified Windows Security Administrator.

Photo credit: Yuri Samoilov, Creative Commons