October is Royal Roads Mental Health Month


In alignment with Royal Roads’ wellness strategy for 2018, Healthy U is pleased to announce that we are celebrating World Mental Health Day on October 10. Since our wellness survey results showed mental health was of high importance to our staff, we decided that one day was simply not enough. Thus, we have decided to theme the whole month of October as Mental Health Month and are excited to share with you all the events offered to help in developing improved mental well-being for all of us!

Royal Roads recognizes that wellness encompasses many aspects; mind, body and life – we have endeavoured to represent each of these aspects in the creation of Mental Health Month. To check out what’s planned for October – please visit the Healthy U website. We will be updating this page as needed, but be sure to save a copy of the Calendar of Events so you can keep track of what’s happening and participate! We are excited to see as many staff out to as many events as possible. See you there!