One minute video for invisible disabilities

One minute video for invisible disabilities

Invisible disabilities are disabilities that are not immediately apparent to others. This includes visual or auditory disabilities (people with affected vision who may not wear glasses, people who wear contacts, or people with hearing difficulties who may not wear hearing aids,) neurological disabilities (like dyslexia or other learning disabilities,) mental health (including clinical depression) and chronic illness or chronic pain. Though they may go unnoticed by some, invisible disabilities can significantly impact activities of daily living.
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Online and on-campus students are invited to create a short video to our Invisible Disabilities Flip Grid to answer one of these three questions:

  1. As a member of the Royal Roads community, how can you offer support to others with invisible disabilities?
  2. If you have an invisible disability, what would you like others to know about your experiences?
  3. Do you think that having an invisible disability has given you skills and abilities that others may not have expected?

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