Outstanding teaching: Doug Hamilton

Tami Saj

Each year, the Kelly Outstanding Teaching Award recognizes a core or associate faculty member who is representative of outstanding teaching at Royal Roads. Leading up to the 2014 award announcement this fall, we will highlight each of the nominees in a special profile on their teaching philosophy. Some nominees have already been profiled and others are upcoming; you can see all profiles here (updated each week).

Doug Hamilton

School of Education and Technology

"My philosophy about teaching begins with the belief that all members of a true learning community can make a contribution to the learning of others. This co-creation of meaning sets the stage for powerful learning to occur. Teachers serve as facilitators, coaches, and guides who enable this collective knowledge building to unfold in a memorable and insightful way. Every teacher has a diverse, creative, and resourceful toolkit from which to draw in order to make this happen with significant impact. Contrary to this perspective, if we see ourselves too much as the “experts” who simply impart knowledge to others, we lose the humility that allows us to learn powerfully from others—and this potentially limits the techniques, tools and resources that we can access to promote effective learning."

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The Kelly Outstanding Teaching Award is open to all Royal Roads University faculty members who are actively engaged in teaching for-credit courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. A call for nominations is sent out each spring to faculty, staff, and students. Learn more about the awards here and see past recipients here.