Outstanding teaching: Executive Coaching team

Tami Saj

Each year, the Kelly Outstanding Teaching Award recognizes a core or associate faculty member who is representative of outstanding teaching at Royal Roads. Leading up to the 2014 award announcement this fall, we will highlight each of the nominees in a special profile on their teaching philosophy.

Marj Busse, Carollyne Conlinn, Alison Hendren, Scott Richardson

Executive Coaching Team, Centre for Coaching and Workplace Innovation

"We believe a prerequisite to learning is “unlearning” to by-pass what one already knows and emptying oneself of ‘yeah buts’ so that one can be more open to considering the new and sometimes contradictory ideas of writers, teachers and peers. Learning can be enhanced in teams and dyads when sufficient care is invested to make those safe communities for mutual expression and exploration.  We also believe real learning involves more than cognition, it involves a shift in long term behavior…  this requires the courage, support, and trust to show up in a new and potentially vulnerable way. Learning is enhanced by movement and having fun!  By not taking ourselves too seriously, adding music and baskets of squeeze toys to the classroom, we expressly give permission to the students to do the same.  As lightheartedness and trust grows, the fun and engagement factor goes up, removing barriers to learning in the experience."

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The Kelly Outstanding Teaching Award is open to all Royal Roads University faculty members who are actively engaged in teaching for-credit courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. A call for nominations is sent out each spring to faculty, staff, and students. Learn more about the awards here and see past recipients here.