Outstanding teaching: Fiona Prince

Tami Saj
Fiona Prince

The Kelly Outstanding Teaching Awards recognize core and associate faculty members who are representative of outstanding teaching at Royal Roads. Leading up to the 2016 awards announcement in a few short weeks, we are highlighting nominees via a special profile on their teaching philosophy.

Fiona Prince

"When teaching adults, I see the participants as my peers. Yes, they have come to learn from me, but in turn I will learn from each of them. I present materials in short theory-bursts followed by different types of related activities to help move information from participants’ short-term to long-term memory. I include a variety of activities to address different learning preferences that keep participants engaged with the subject-matter: peer-to-peer and small group conversations for auditory learning; writing and drawing for visual learning; and, movement for kinesthetic learning. These activities are vital in one-off [Continuing Studies] workshops because I may never see the participants again."

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The Kelly Outstanding Teaching Awards are open to all Royal Roads University faculty members who are actively engaged in teaching for-credit or non-credit courses at RRU.  A call for nominations is sent out each spring to faculty, staff, and students. Learn more about the awards and see past recipients.