Outstanding teaching: Robert Aucoin

Tami Saj
Photo of Robert Aucoin

The Kelly Outstanding Teaching Award, part of the Kelly Outstanding Teaching Awards suite of categories, recognizes a core or associate faculty member who is representative of outstanding teaching at Royal Roads. Leading up to the 2015 awards announcement in September, we will highlight nominees in a special profile on their teaching philosophy.

Robert Aucoin

“My teaching philosophy is best described using an Alvin Toffler quote who said that “the illiterate of the 21st century will not be those that cannot read and write. It will be those that cannot learn, unlearn and relearn” (Toffler, 1970). My life’s mission is to learn, unlearn and relearn as well as create spaces where others can do this. Teaching and learning as an ongoing process. I will never reach a point in my teaching where I feel like I can sit on my laurels and feel like I know it all. Even courses that I have taught dozens of times are continually being re-thought to include the latest content and techniques and stories.”

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The Kelly Outstanding Teaching Award is open to all Royal Roads University faculty members who are actively engaged in teaching for-credit courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. A call for nominations is sent out each spring to faculty, staff, and students. Learn more about the award and see past recipients.