Outstanding teaching: Ross Porter

Tami Saj

The Kelly Outstanding Teaching Award, part of the Kelly Outstanding Teaching Awards suite of categories, recognizes a core or associate faculty member who is representative of outstanding teaching at Royal Roads. Leading up to the 2015 awards announcement in September, we will highlight nominees in a special profile on their teaching philosophy.

Ross Porter

“I truly believe that few activities have more capacity to enhance the trajectory of a person’s life than teaching. When practiced with care and skill it encourages exploration and understanding of self and the broader world, and affects both “student” and “teacher” in the process. To be effective, a teacher needs to have a deep and abiding commitment to continuous learning and improvement and be motivated, even enthused, by the intellectual and emotional development of others. Similarly, both student and teacher must be willing to suspend judgement, be open to the element surprise, and view learning and the change it can foster as central to what it means to be human and to live a fulfilling life.” Learn more about Ross.

The Kelly Outstanding Teaching Award is open to all Royal Roads University faculty members who are actively engaged in teaching for-credit courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. A call for nominations is sent out each spring to faculty, staff, and students. Learn more about the award and see past recipients.