PCS ICT hosts students from Japan


Professional and Continuing Studies' International Contract Training (ICT) unit has been very busy this summer!

Among this summer's 12 different international programs, we had the great pleasure of welcoming high school students from Koshigaya Kita for an environmental leadership program. The students spent nine days with us exploring our beautiful campus and learning more about the importance we place on sustainable living.

Site visits to places like Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary or a guided walk along Charlie's Trail (thanks, Jeff!) are always interesting, but can you believe that the students found their visit to the compost centre in Fernwood to be a highlight?

Living in Tokyo, one of the largest cities in the world, is a very different experience than living in Victoria, and these students were duly impressed by the commitment that we take in caring for our environment through recycling and composting efforts. They are now thinking about the world in a very different way and looking to use their environmental leadership to influence others back home.

Thanks to everyone who made this program a huge success!