PCS welcomes CTV host Molly Thomas June 6

Molly Thomas, Freelance Anchor & Correspondent - CTV News Channel

On Thursday, June 6, join us for a dynamic exploration of women and leadership through the eyes of Molly Thomas, freelance anchor and correspondent with CTV News, YesTV  and CPAC.

Gusto and Grit: How We Lead Matters

As women, we are at a unique point in history. Females are heads of state, CEOs of companies, innovators in stereotypically male-dominated sectors and global education moguls. At the same time, the rise of the #MeToo movement shows us how sexualized, marginalized and undervalued we still are.

Award-winning broadcast journalist Molly Thomas shares the exceptional leadership traits she sees amongst women around the globe. From Iraq to Rwanda, Somalia to Bangladesh, Turkey to Uganda, Canada to France, Thomas believes there is a window of opportunity at hand! But how we choose to lead matters.

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