Philip Steenkamp: Haiku poets of Royal Roads


Brava, bravo to all for your creativity and courage in responding to my call for a haiku.

I loved receiving them and having a few "haiku hiatuses" throughout my day.



Isabel Cordua-von Specht

3C to C4

Collaboration powers

The values we hold


"Ottawa Heatwave" by Drew Duncan

hot path peddling

spokes begin water-wheeling

wet foot surprise


Catherine Riggins

Head so full and flat

Outside air and garden calm

Clear head dull forgotten


Ann Perodeau

Trump rally today 

overwriting history

Remember, Tulsa


"Dreaming of Castles: Four Haikus for Online Learners" by Irwin DeVries

Spinning electrons

Fling words toward the horizon

Distant seabirds call


Seekers from afar

Ignite digital spaces

The blue of peacocks


Through their glowing screens

They interrogate the world

Leaves turn to the sun


Fingers tap letters

Circuits spark in sympathy

Trout leaps, ripples spread


Beverly deVries

from caring is born

the winds of our future

enveloping all with hope


Elizabeth Childs' 11-year-old daughter (!)

Vibrant the castle

Daffodils sea of yellow

Lekwungen spirit


"Cedar" by Maria Bremner

Cathedral of life

Monuments spiral skyward

For you, hummingbird