Phone system update


Over the last few months, RRU has been experiencing an increase in the number of issues with the current phone system resulting in calls intermittently going directly through to voice mail and/or the inability to make calls from desk phones.

Senior management understands that these issues are having a negative effect on your day-to-day activities and ITS is actively working to find resolution.

Our plan of action includes:

  • Continuing to investigate the current system to try to determine the root cause of the issue(s)

    • This unfortunately, is not a trivial endeavor given the issues are intermittent and not being captured by our various monitoring tools

  • In the midterm, ITS has a project slated for 2020/21 fiscal to go to market and evaluate and select a new telephone system

In the meantime, we will continue to monitor the systems and work with providers and the business community to identify and implement fixes that could reduce the frequency of these incidents.

If you experience either of the two issues mentioned above, there is no need to report them as we are aware of them and we are already acting.

If you have issues with your phone that are not either of those described above, please reference this Knowledgebase article to see if yours is also a known issue. If it is, please follow the steps provided to resolve or contact the Helpdesk by Online Request Form, email or by phone at ext. 2659 (250.391.2659).

Your patience is appreciated, and we are working diligently to try to address the issues.

Don Ostergard

Chief Information Officer