Presidential search update

RRU Staff
Presidential search update

Dear Royal Roads Community,

Beginning in November, we have shared several updates with you on the work of the Presidential Search Committee and invited you to give your ideas about the qualities, values and experiences that the university’s next president will need in order to build on Royal Roads’ success.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to share your ideas there is still time to do so. A questionnaire is available on the Presidential Search webpage and will remain open until Wednesday, January 17. The six questions that we are seeking your input on are:

  • What are the strengths upon which Royal Roads University should continue to build over the next five to ten years?
  • What challenges/opportunities do you believe Royal Roads University will need to address during the same period?
  • Given the context of the university’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities, what should be the short- and long-term priorities for the next President and Vice-Chancellor?
  • What experience, leadership attributes, and character traits should Royal Roads University be seeking in its next President and Vice-Chancellor?
  • Having thought about the criteria above, do you have any suggestions of individuals with whom we should speak about this opportunity (either because they would be a great fit for the role themselves or because they may be able to offer advice and recommendations from their networks?)
  • Do you have any additional comments? Is there anything else you would want potential candidates to understand about Royal Roads University or this role?

All employees had a chance to provide input to the first four questions at a town hall meeting on December 1. Over 50 people attended in person, and 29 people participated via Livestream and used Padlet to record their ideas. Participants provided many thoughtful comments and key takeaways. The commentskey takeaways and the Padlet from the town hall are attached.

Additionally, sessions for students and faculty to provide input to the questions have been held and more are underway.

Some teams have used the questions as the basis for a team discussion and submitted a group response through the online questionnaire.

To those who have already provided their comments – thank you! All comments will be provided to the Search Committee and the executive search consultant and will inform the final presidential role profile that will underpin the search for and selection of our next president.

If you haven’t yet provided your comments I encourage you to take a few minutes to share your ideas. Your input is vital to the search process.


Vern Slaney

Chair of the Presidential Search Committee and
Member of the Board of Governor