Prof. Ann Dale hosts new biodiversity podcast

What the f*** is biodiversity

Hosted by Professor Ann Dale, WHAT THE F*** IS BIODIVERSITY explores the incredible world of biodiversity, how it provides for humans in our day to day lives and what we can all do to protect it now. As part of a national campaign to raise awareness for biodiversity loss in Canada run by Ann’s ENGO, the National Environmental Treasure's, the series hosts experts who share their knowledge about this unprecedented issue.

  • EPISODE 1: In this episode, Ann explores the incredibly biodiverse world beneath our feet with one of the world's leading experts in soil biodiversity, Dr Valerie Behan-Pelletier. Learn More
  • EPISODE 2: In this episode, Ann explores why protected areas are so important for conservation with environmentalist and philanthropist, Jeremy Guth. Learn More
  • EPISODE 3: In this episode, Ann explores how the human diet impacts biodiversity with culinary geographer and Canada Research Chair, Dr. Lenore Newman. Learn More

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