Professor Ann Dale's new book now published

Edging Forward: Achieving Sustainable Community Development by Ann Dale

School of Environment and Sustainability Professor Ann Dale’s new book was officially launched today.

Edging Forward: Achieving Sustainable Community Development is about the power of stories that shape our development and influence our ability to act now on climate change. Not exactly a sequel to her previous book, At the Edgeit is an evocative call for immediate action to move from edging forward to leaping onto new, sustainable pathways. She frames her research and discovery through a literary journey that also shares deeply personal and poetic life experiences. Throughout each chapter, she explores our relationships to one another, to other species, and to our planet. She contemplates how a single story of growth has come to dominate our narratives and why we struggle to embrace diversity and difference. By blending storytelling with science, Dale uncovers how the power of our narratives can not only lead us towards positive social change but also a more resilient and empathetic world.

As Canadians, we are faced with a choice: do we continue to allow communities to merely survive or can we help them to thrive? But what factors are stopping Canadian communities? How can a single ‘story’ dominate our development? What are the barriers and drivers and how do we reconcile competing agendas and vested interests against changing the single story?

Professor Dale has dedicated her life to studying Canadian communities and how they can transition towards more sustainable development paths. Since publishing her book At the Edge over fifteen years ago, her new book chronicles the various options that Canadians have to leap forward and actively implement sustainable community development practices.

Edging Forward is part of a multimedia project, to be read on multiple levels—auditory, visual, and print, and research materials. Each chapter is complemented by an original painting (available in the e-Book only), by Canadian artist Nancyanne Cowell, that were previously exhibited at the Robert Bateman Centre and the Royal Roads Library. Both the print and e-books are supported by one of this country’s richest curated living libraries of academic journals, grey literature, video and audio information, that can be found here on the Edging Forward website.

To purchase a print copy, visit the Royal Roads University Bookstore or order a copy online here. To download an e-Book copy, visit Fernweh Press.

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