Pronoun stickers at Campus Conversation

they/them/theirs sticker example

Pronouns are the words someone might use for you (she/her, he/him, they/them, ze/hir, xe/xem) instead of your name. Some people might use just one set of pronouns, and other people may use multiple sets of pronouns or no pronouns at all. It is up to each individual to decide based on what makes them feel most seen, respected and validated.

You’re not obligated to share your pronouns, and everyone will have their own reasons for sharing or not sharing. That said, we encourage people to take a moment to consider why they do or don’t want to participate. If you find that you’re thinking to yourself that writing your pronouns seems unimportant (“Isn’t it obvious?!”) or inconsequential (“He, she, it — call me anything!”) or silly (“I’d like to be referred to as Her Majesty!”) remember that this feeling may be coming from a place of privilege. Offering your own pronouns shows your commitment to creating a space where no one is misgendered, even if that rarely happens to you personally. The more normalized this process becomes, the less vulnerable it will be for trans, non-binary and Two-Spirit colleagues to share their own pronouns, if they feel safe enough to do so.