RbD Lab awarded Knowledge Synthesis Grant

RbD Lab awarded Knowledge Synthesis Grant

Energy resource extraction, production, and consumption not only impact the planet, but they can also impact children and youth’s health and well-being. At the same, young people have agency in their own resilience and that of their families and broader communities. Dr. Robin Cox and the ResiliencebyDesign (RbD) Lab at RRU, in collaboration with Dr. Michael Ungar and the Resilience Research Centre at Dalhousie University, were recently awarded a SSHRC Knowledge Synthesis Grant on the topic of children and youth’s resilience in the context of energy systems and climate change.

Specifically, the project will review existing research to analyze how energy practices impact young people, as well as how to best engage youth as leaders in energy and climate change-related causes. Overall, this framework will inform policies and practices of energy resource extraction and consumption that foster resilience in young people, and develop an agenda for future research. The RbD Lab’s commitment to knowledge mobilization means that results will be summarized in journal articles, conference presentations, youth-informed reports and a short video. You can follow these, and other activities on Twitter (@ResiliencebyD) or Facebook (Resiliencebydesign- Youth Innovation Network). The RbD lab wishes to thank Will Grass and Research Services for their support with the application process.