Rebecca Bosma shares her time with horses

Tess Wixted
Rebecca Bosma, Administrative Manager for Centre for Coaching and Workplace Innovation, shares her personal story from our recent Continuing Studies course, Mindfulness and Horses.

What does it feel like to move into horse time? Rebecca Bosma knows. She was a student in our recent course, Mindfulness and Horses. Rebecca shared with us some of her thoughts from the day:

We all felt we had experienced some healing and definite shifts in our awareness… our mindfulness. Personally, I have a new place to think of when I feel a need to connect with myself. I think of the sound of horses contently munching on hay, the wind in the leaves (audible because of the general quietness), the free roaming hens clucking away and a feeling of peace – for humans and animals and nature.

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Photo credit - Mary Rostad, Mary's Farm and Sanctuary