Recent updates to Moodle

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We recently made some updates to Moodle to make it easier for you to use. Read on to learn more about the changes and how they will improve your Moodle experience:

  • Full-screen text box: We installed a feature that allows your text editor to go full-screen. This means that you will have more space for writing and editing posts and announcements. To access the full-screen display, click the icon that looks like a four-way arrow in the text editor toolbar (see image below).
  • Top button: Based on feedback from the community, we modified the “Top” button feature. The purpose of the “Top” button is to allow you to quickly get back to the top of the page, but many of you found it got in the way of content on the page. Now, a smaller button will only slide out when you are already scrolling to the top of the page.
  • Upload progress bar: We added a feature that will show you the progress of files that you are uploading. This means that you will be able to see what percentage of your assignment or file has been uploaded. We expect this will be especially helpful for anyone using a slower internet connection.
  • Viewing videos on mobile devices: We made an update to Kaltura, our new video plug-in, so that videos will resize appropriately depending on the kind of device that you are using. This means that no matter if you are using a computer, tablet, or cell phone, videos in Moodle should resize for optimal viewing.

Sneak peek announcement: We will also soon be announcing some exciting new Kaltura features that will allow you to make videos, screencasts, and recordings of PowerPoint presentations. Stay tuned for more information and training opportunities!

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Screenshot of the text editor and full screen button