Recognizing Students in Essential Services


Royal Roads students work in essential services across Canada and around the world. Over the past few months, many of our students have continued to work in front line positions, in health care, and in many other settings impacted by Covid-19, while still continuing to pursue their education. We have put together a Padlet to gather thoughts and thank yous from faculty and staff to recognize the work of our students. Please take a few minutes to visit the Padlet and leave a message, image, or video.

The Padlet will be open for faculty and staff to leave messages until end of day on Thursday, June 4, after which time the link to the Padlet will be emailed out to students for viewing. 

The hope of this project is to bring moments of gratitude, caring, and appreciation to students, as well as to the staff and faculty who share posts.

To access the Padlet and leave your message, go to: RRU - Recognizing Students in Front Line and Essential Services

Please ensure pictures posted are from creative commons or public domain (for example, pixabay). Try to keep videos short, 1-2 minutes maximum. For assistance, watch this short video explaining how to create video posts in Padlet (1:27 mins).

If you have any questions or need assistance with your post, please contact Dranna Andrews-Brown.