Recommended Read: Dene Heroes of The Sahtu

Recommended Read: Dene Heroes of The Sahtu

This week we're recommending Dene Heroes of The Sahtu edited by Mary-Anne Neal.

From the publisher: "Where are the real heroes among us? Where are the Dene people? This book, Dene Heroes of the Sahtu, was born from a deep desire to show the world some true heroes. And the true heroes are the first people of this land, the people who taught the Europeans survival skills, the people who freely shared their food and medicine, the people who endured centuries of great hardship and are now emerging as a force to be reckoned with. It is time to showcase the unique characteristics of the Dene identity. I invited the young people in Fort Good Hope and Colville Lake to identify someone they admire who is of Dene descent, from the past, the present or the future. Then write about that person, so we can tell the world about the Dene spirit. The young people agreed, and now we have this beautiful book that is a collaborative effort of many people joining their hearts and minds together in one voice."

Visit the library, and borrow this book today! E99 B376 D45 2017