Recommended Read: Dene Heroes of the Sahtu v2


This week we're recommending Dene heroes of the Sahtu, volume 2 edited by Mary-Anne Neal.

From the publisher: “The inland Arctic is a vast, intricate labyrinth of muskeg, tundra, bush, boreal forest, lakes and rivers, with the harshest climate on the planet.  Home to the Dene for countless millennia, the people of the Sahtu consistently display strength and resilience in the face of immense challenges.

These stories and photographs reflect the voices of the Dene people who contributed their thoughts in words and pictures.  There are lessons for all of us in these stories of quiet courage and dignity.  Seeing the heroes around us enables us to discover the hero within ourselves.

As seen in these stories, Dene people value family and feel a strong sense of responsibility to their friends, families and communities.  Dene cultural and spiritual traditions are foundational for the strength and vitality of their society”

Visit the library, and borrow this book today E99 B376 D45 2018.  Volume 1 is also available E99 B376 D45 2017.   Click here place a hold now.