Recommended Read: Freedom from Fear

Freedom from Fear

This week we're recommending Freedom from fear, Freedom from Want: an introduction to human security by Robert J. Hanlon and Kenneth Christie.

From the publisher University of Toronto Press: “Adopting an interdisciplinary perspective, Freedom from Fear, Freedom from Want is a brief introduction to human security, conflict, and development. The book analyzes such key human security issues as climate change, crimes against humanity, humanitarian intervention, international law, poverty, terrorism, and transnational crime, among others. The authors encourage readers to critically assess emerging threats while evaluating potential mechanisms of deterrence such as conflict resolution, economic development, diplomacy, peacekeeping, international law, and restorative justice. Concise yet comprehensive, Freedom from Fear, Freedom from Want provides useful background on some of the biggest issues facing humanity in the twenty-first century.”

Visit the library, and borrow this book today! JC571 H37 2016