Recommended Read: Indigenous Integration


This week we're recommending Indigenous integration: 101+ lesson ideas for secondary and college teachers by Adrienne Castellon

From the publisher: “The Truth and Reconciliation Commission challenges all Canadian educators to Integrate Indigenous content and ways of knowing into the curriculum. This research-based book for secondary teachers responds to these challenges by including aligned pedagogical practices and content. The easy to read discussion, extensive links to resources and practical, ready-to-use applications will not only help secondary teachers meet this curricular challenge but enjoy deeper connections with their students.

What is your next step in Indigenizing your practice as a teacher? Is it reaching out to local Indigenous communities and starting a dialogue that privileges place-based education; the stories and history of the area? Is it noticing the problems in community such as disparities, injustices and facilitating inquiry-based learning to respond to them? Is it acknowledging the role of intergenerational trauma and engaging appropriate processes such as Circles to encourage deep and respectful listening and give voice to each student? Is it revising your history lesson so as not to over-generalize the diversity of First Nations and Metis in Canada? It certainly means having the courage to do something and step into the messiness of the challenge knowing we do not have the answers and may be unsure of the way forward.”

Visit the library, and borrow this book today! E96.2 C37 2017

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