Recommended Read: The Joy in Business


This week we're recommending The Joy in Business: Innovative Ideas to Find Positivity (and Profit) in Your Daily Work Life by Joy J. D. Baldridge

From the publisher: The Joy in Business provides you with an abundance of practical and immediately applicable life-changing ideas and inspirational, thought-provoking, and entertaining stories and quotes—in an instant. Each chapter is designed to be read and absorbed in approximately 60 seconds, offering you “Golden Nuggets” and “Joy Gems” that will help make positive, lasting change. 

Inside, you get an abundance of time-tested formulas that can instantly be used to solve common and uncommon day-to-day issues. This, in and of itself, will help to better yourself today, with work and life moving at the lightning speed of thought.

  • Find unique coping mechanisms when facing adversity
  • Benefit from tangible, motivational, and self-management tools to forge ahead
  • Keep perspective regardless of circumstance
  • Build a sturdy foundation for positive culture and change

With the simple information in The Joy in Business, you’ll find all the guidance you need to find positivity in your daily life.

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