Recommended Read: Multicultural Andragogy


This week we're recommending Multicultural Andragogy for Transformative Learning by David P. Peltz and Anthony C. Clemons.

From the publisher: As individuals progress through each stage of life, they continue to learn and grow intellectually. However, what may be a conducive learning environment for a child may not be as effective for an adult, creating a need to understand how to aid adults in being successful learners in their later life.

Multicultural Andragogy for Transformative Learning provides a diverse collection of positions related to adult learning. The book touches on a variety of topics including autonomous learning as a transformative experience, mixing cultures through intercultural methodology, and integrating cultural perspectives into organizational learning. As a publication with a focus on andragogy, this proves a useful resource for academicians, higher education administrators and educators who teach both traditional and non-traditional students in higher education.

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