Recommended Read: Procrastination

Recommended Read: Procrastination

This week we're recommending Procrastination: An Effective Guide On How To Overcome Procrastination, Motivate Yourself And Make Things Happen by Leonard Bell.

From the Author: “We know that more and more people are suffering significant consequences of procrastination.  Current estimates are that one in four adult's reports being a chronic procrastinator. (Are you procrastinating right now?)

I devote the first part of this book to helping you explore and understand what the underlying issues may be for you. I believe that this in-depth exploration is part of my unique contribution to working with procrastinators.

In the second part of this book, I'll give many suggestions, designed specifically for procrastinators, which will help you take action to overcome procrastination.

Some of us procrastinate out of fear of failing, a sense that we're not up to the task at hand. We believe that we're not going to be able to succeed so actually attempting the task is futile. The thing is very few tasks put in front of us are above and beyond our skill lever. We're usually able to handle all of them, from challenging work tasks to tough school assignments. The key is to start chipping away the difficult problem, doing the pieces that we can easily extract and do, until we're left with pieces that don't seem all that hard.”

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