Recommended Read: Starting a Green Business


This week we're recommending Starting a Green Business in Canada: How to Make a Difference--and Prosper by Ramona Materi.

From the publisher: “Canadian entrepreneurs have a tremendous opportunity to meet the needs of a growing global environmental market in Canada and internationally. Starting a Green Business in Canada is an essential business guide. It is filled with practical guidance. Chapters include: ‘What’s Driving Green Business?’ ‘Where are the Opportunities?’ ‘From a Green Dream to an Open Door’ ‘Raising Green-Capital for Your Business’ ‘Do as I Do: Greening Your Business’ ‘Green Marketing’ ‘Recycle This Book!’ ‘Business for a Better World’.

Starting a Green Business in Canada is jam-packed with practical information. It features case studies of successful companies from across the country. Timely, it will be an invaluable tool to people starting a business in this fast growing sector and existing businesses that want to operate more sustainably.”

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