Recommended Read: Systemic Leadership Toolkit


This week we're recommending Systemic Leadership Toolkit: An Organisational Perspective by William Tate.

From the Publisher: “Based on the author's extensive consultancy work on leadership issues, the Toolkit uses a Systems Thinking approach and a series of self-assessment questionnaires to guide you through the entire improvement process.

Use the Toolkit to diagnose and understand the leadership gaps that prevent your business from flourishing, then use it to create implementation strategies for improving the way leadership operates. The Toolkit is designed to offer a stand-alone improvement process for any organization but it can also be used in collaboration with an internal or external specialist/consultant.

The Toolkit, which is designed to be run as a self-assessment audit in any organisation, has 9 modules - each reflecting one of 9 key themes from The Search for Leadership.”

Visit the library, and borrow this book today! BF637.S4 T38 2009

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