Recommended Read: Wellbeing Workout

Book cover of the Wellbeing Workout

This week we're recommending The Wellbeing Workout: How to manage stress and develop resilience.

From the publisher: What constitutes "stress" to one person may be motivating, inspiring and focusing for another. Our capacity for resilience varies depending on individual circumstances and from situation to situation. What is consistent and universal is that we all struggle with stress and resilience, and we all need to be open to figuring out how best to effectively manage stress to create greater personal resilience that will itself help us to cope better.

This book offers you an encyclopedia of self-help options for you to adapt according to how you tick and to the circumstances you find yourself in at any given moment.

It addresses 60 different issues, and for each one provides a short "Spotlight" to understand the issue, "Top Tips" for dealing with it, and an "Action Plan" to put those tips into practice.

Wellbeing is about managing the ebbs and flows of what life throws at us. It’s a mindset, a personal commitment and an ongoing endeavour. But if we adopt a focused and sustained engagement with this journey, then we’ll learn to embrace and reap the benefits of ‘being well’.

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