Recycling has never been easier at RRU


This is the second in a series of articles meant to introduce you to the various categories that we will use to sort our waste here at RRU. Let’s talk about recyclables!

Recycling helps to reduce pressure on the local landfill and substantially reduces the consumption of natural resources and energy that is required to produce new materials. For example, using recycled plastic requires 33 per cent less energy than producing new plastic.

Recycled materials are industry-ready and so there is no need to extract, refine, transport and process raw materials. Each of these stages in the manufacturing process can produce air and water pollution and contribute greenhouse gas emissions, the major driver of climate change.

The term recyclables refers to those materials that can pass through the manufacturing process again but that do not carry a fundable deposit. Most of the plastic, glass, and metal packaging and containers used in the Habitat Cafe can be used again. All of the items pictured above are completely recyclable.

However, only clean containers are accepted by the recycling companies that reprocess them, so please be sure to empty and clean the containers before placing them into the bin.

Thanks again for your help in reducing our impact on our beautiful campus and stay tuned for the next installment when we’ll be talking about refundables!

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