Recycling tips after the holidays

Matthew Kang, Creative Commons

Wondering what to do with your waste after the holidays? Unsure what to do with your old electronics, books, clothing or toys after getting new ones for Christmas?

Here are some tips on how to safely discard broken, unwanted or used items. 

Batteries: Recycle rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries with the Call2Recycle program offered at participating London Drugs, The Source, Staples, Canadian Tire, Hope Depot and Home Hardware.

Beverage containers: Return to designated collection facilities such as Encorp Return-it Depots.

Books: Hard cover and paperback books are not accepted with your curbside recycling. Instead donate old books to local charities, thrift stores or libraries, or check to see if used bookstores will accept them.

Clothing/textiles: Donate suitable, reusable clothing and textiles to thrift stores and donation centres; non-reusable clothing and textiles can be brought to the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.

Christmas trees (natural): Chop up your tree and put it in the compost bin; take the tree to a local Christmas tree chipping event; or bring them to municipal yard waste depots which will accept natural Christmas trees.

DVDs/CDs/Video tapes: These are not accepted in curbside recycling programs but can be brought to the following locations for proper disposal: Alpine Disposal & Recycling; Hartland Recycling Facility; Island Return It, Esquimalt; Bottle Depot – Glanford.

Electronics: Drop-off any old or broken electronic at certified e-waste recyclers such as Staples, Best Buy or Encorp Return-it Depots.

Holiday lights: Recycle with the LightRecycle product stewardship program.

Holiday wrapping paper: Save wrapping paper for future use; discard ripped or unwanted wrapping paper with your curbside recycling.

Toys: Bring electronic toys to participating Encorp Return-it Depots; donate non-electronic toys to charities or thrift shops.

Check out the CRD’s for further information and resources on what can be recycled and where to recycle.