Regular Officer Training Plan ceremony at RRU

Regular Officer Training Plan ceremony at RRU

For the first time since the early 1990s, Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP) Canadian Armed Forces officer cadets were sworn in on the Quarterdeck at Royal Roads University. Colonel Timothy Bishop presided over the ceremony. Dr. Pedro Márquez welcomed the attendees and Captain (retired) Dave Bindernagel provided a speech for the new Officer Cadets which included advice and insights to cadets, their families and friends.

"The ROTP is a conditional scholarship offered to selected applicants. In addition to a university education, Officer Cadets receive military training, occupation training and second language training and a career after graduation," he said.

Royal Roads University was honoured to provide our historically significant location for this event that recognizes the hard work and character of the exceptional young men and women who are awarded a spot within the ROTP.