Remembering Marlyn Farrell


Marlyn Farrell, a long time facilitator at Royal Roads for Continuing Studies passed away peacefully Tuesday in her home on Gabriola Island surrounding by her loving family and her faithful four-legged friend. Marlyn was a powerful force filled with good instincts for what was just and true and she embodied a passionate creativity that infused her teaching, her art, and her life. She taught hundreds of students of all ages how to embrace their own creative natures through painting, collage, movement, song and dialogue (with other humans and with the more-than-human world). Her big fierce and open heart held out long enough for her to teach her last class at the Haven Institute on Monday because in her own words, “ I really love to teach!” Marlyn’s soul-furthering ways of being and knowing and teaching and loving made an exuberant difference in this world and she will be dearly missed and affectionately remembered.